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“I hate litigation.” Strange words coming from a litigation attorney, but the sentiment is not mine. For the past 10 years, I have litigated disputes where the amount at issue ranged from hundreds of millions of dollars to $1.25 (true story – ask me about it sometime). The clients involved in these disputes ranged from Fortune 500 powerhouses to small business owners struggling to keep afloat. But no matter how sophisticated the client or how much money was in dispute, one common element would always prevail:

Clients understand and appreciate the importance of litigation and are always eager to incur substantial attorney fees to ensure that justice prevails. Clients hate litigation. With a passion.

This blog is not written for me (though if I’m the only one reading it, then perhaps it is). I certainly cannot state that I have seen it all, though I have seen enough to know that litigation is not fun, is often painful, and always costs a client more than it would prefer to spend. The purpose of this blog is to (hopefully) provide real-world, practical tips and information for clients that will (again, hopefully) result in fewer Aspirin taken and less dollars spent when litigation eventually rears its ugly head.  If you haven’t picked up on it yet, I prefer a somewhat lighthearted approach, so the goal is to provide some modicum of entertainment together with the useful information (so as to prevent you from immediately dozing off).

For those of you still reading and perhaps interested in precisely who I am and what I do, my snazzy web bio can be found HERE

In a nutshell, my practice of the last 10 years focuses on assisting clients with business litigation and bankruptcy litigation issues. In hyper-technical terms, that means I’ve witnessed the good, the bad, and the ugly of just about every imaginable litigation issue a business might face – ownership and employee disputes, corporate dissolutions, fraud claims, fiduciary claims, contractual disputes, and bankruptcy contested matters and adversarial proceedings. I am primarily called upon by my clients to tackle complex disputes in state, federal, and bankruptcy courts throughout the USA.

Prior to my current adventure of establishing DeSouza Law, I was a senior attorney with a leading Florida law firm (Becker & Poliakoff, PA) and, in a prior life, an attorney in Washington, DC with a top multinational firm (Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP). 

I am also well-known in the South Florida legal community for areas such as litigation avoidance, e-discovery, and disputes involving discovery of electronically stored information. I frequently write on these subjects and speak at conferences and continuing legal education courses presented to clients, judges, in-house counsel, and practicing attorneys.

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